Introducing Just Like Sugar®
100% All Natural Sugar Substitute

Just Like Sugar® is a 100% natural sweetener made from only the purest of ingredients. Just Like Sugar® mimics the attributes of regular cane or beet sugar in every way without any of the negatives from sugars on the market today. 

Shipping is free win you join the Sugar Shack ClubJust like Sugar®, a totally unique Natural Sweetener that is available for sale, and is now found in many manufactured food products, health food stores such as Whole Foods Markets® in Canada.

Just Like Sugar® is ALL NATURAL !!!

• All Natural
• Gluten Free
• 0 Carbs, 0 Calories
• Diabetic and Celiac Safe
• No Sugar

Unlike other natural sweetener products in markets today, which have a characteristic intense sweet and bitter licorice after taste, Just Like Sugar® has a proprietary formulation which tastes clean, smooth and sweet. It does not leave an after taste. "You need to try it to believe it!"

Just Like Sugar® comprises a perfect blend of Chicory Root, Calcium, and all Natural Flavors from the peel of the Orange.

There are Only Four All Natural Ingredient in Just Like Sugar®Four Main Ingredients

Nutrition Facts per one hundred (100) gram serving Size are:

. 0 Calories
. 0 Sugar
. 0 Fat
. 0 Cholesterol
. 0 Sodium
. 0 Carbohydrates
. 0 Protein


Dr. Russell BlaylockDoctor Recommended:

Dr. Russell Blaylock is a nationally recognized board certified neurosurgeon, health practitioner, author and lecturer.“FINALLY, A SAFE SUGAR SUBSTITUTE For those searching for a safe and tasty sugar substitute, look no further”.

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